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age:   20
bust:   32B
waist:   22
hips:   32
height:   5'3"
weight:   110
Place of Birth:   Tampa, FL currently residing in San Diego, CA
Favorite Place:   the beach at night
Favorite Food:   tacos... ohh yeah, and shickers
Favorite Music:   Limp Bizkit, Foo Fighters and DMX
Occupation:   student
Hobbies:   I like anything FUN
Turn-Ons:   nice guys and people who tell the truth
Hopes and Dreams:   I want to finish school and makes lots of loot... lol
Ideal Man or Woman:   A NICE guy who doesn't cheat or lie and who is always cool to me
Sexual Fantasy:   a secret
Favorite Sexual Position:   see above.. lol

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